Home Service Plans for Communities

Governing an HOA or condo community can be challenging. Knowing that many property owners choose to live in a condo development/managed community to alleviate some of the burdens of ownership, property managers often decide to bundle a community-wide service plan into their association package for their residents. Total allows for mandatory plans where all owners are required to join, or optional plans where owners can either opt-in or opt-out.

Benefits of a Community Plan

Having a community service plan in place at your condo building or managed community is a convenient way for the HOA to provide value to its residents when they are forced to deal with inevitable repairs. Total offers associations with uniform, single-pay service plans for the community where owners receive unlimited service calls for all parts and labor repairs, and preventative maintenance on all covered equipment and systems. Some of the benefits enjoyed by owners in a managed property under a community plan are:

  • Convenient, fast service: licensed and trained technicians are available 24/7 for emergency service and respond to non-emergency calls in a timely and professional manner
  • The familiarity of having a dedicated team servicing your repair needs, with knowledge of the building’s existing equipment and unit dimensions
  • No delays with HOA approvals in place and front desk access
  • Discounted annual rates with no deductibles
  • Uniform coverage for the entire building; one master agreement for the community that is fully customizable
  • Unlimited service calls with parts and labor included
  • With enough participation, Total would consider installing a company representative on-site for VIP service to building residents

Total can contract directly with the HOA for one uniform policy for all residents or can offer an optional policy for all residents at a discounted rate. Regardless of which direction the HOA chooses, Total’s service plans are an economic and convenient solution for condo associations and condo owners alike. When you work with Total, you get peace of mind from a local, family-owned company with our own employees and technicians who does not outsource our responsibilities.

Contact us to discuss more details about our community-wide service plans and learn more about how a community-wide home warranty plan can be customized so it’s a perfect fit for your specific community.