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Please be advised that Century Village Residents, as well as residents who pay their condo associations directly for services, are not able to make monthly payments online via our web portal. Please contact your association to remit payment.


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    Customer does hereby request Total Appliance & A/C to amend the service agreement payment schedule from annually to monthly. Customer acknowledges that the first four (4) months are to be billed upon contract start date. Customer acknowledges that monthly payments 5 through 12 will be automatically charged to the credit card on file within 28-31 days of the prior monthly payment date, with the below schedule as a general guideline for credit card charge given the contract quote date. Customer acknowledges that the minimum contract agreement on monthly plan length is 6 months; should Customer choose to cancel, the remaining balance (if applicable) of the 6 month term, in addition to any labor performed at normal working rate, will be due and charged to credit card on file immediately upon termination. Should credit card be canceled, balance will go to collections. Customer acknowledges that once this form is signed and credit card is charged for contracted amount, no changes to coverage can be until renewal the following year.

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