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Category: Service Contracts

Signs That Your Plumbing System Needs Re-Piping

As a homeowner, you probably think often about maintenance and improvements, but an important part of the home often overlooked is your plumbing system. Since there isn’t a definitive timetable on when you need to replace your plumbing pipes, and they should last a long time, it’s easy to forget they take a large amount of wear and tear daily. We encourage you to look out for these common signs that it might be time to replace your pipes. When…

Are All Home Warranty Plans Created Equal?

Your home is a big investment, maybe the largest one you will ever make. Although homeowner’s insurance will protect you from destructive events such as fires or flooding, it doesn’t protect you from more likely occurrences such as when your AC fails or your refrigerator breaks. That’s where companies like Total Appliance come in, companies that will cover your appliances, air conditioning system, electrical systems, plumbing and more in the event of a failure. While home warranties are a stress-free,…