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Category: Warranty Service Plans

Home Warranty Plan FAQs and Tips

Home maintenance is fun… said no one ever! Among the many experiences of owning a residential property, the main negative ones that is usually mentioned by homeowners is the maintenance of the appliances, AC system, plumbing and electrical components. There are a handful of national home warranty companies and a few local ones that assist with annual service plans to cover most items. Since 1970, Total Appliance has been the local leader for Miami-Dade and Broward counties. We think outlining…

How Community and HOA Home Warranty Plans Work

When residents choose to live in a hi-rise building, managed community, or within an HOA, among other considerations they are choosing the easy approach to home ownership. And it’s the responsibility of the property manager or association to provide that convenience. Total will provide your homeowners and association with uniformity and peace of mind with uniform, single-pay service plans for the entire community… a dream come true for property managers! Homeowners will receive unlimited service calls for all parts and…

The Rising Popularity of Warranty Service Plans

As homes are becoming “smarter”, they are also becoming more prone to malfunction and repair needs. These incidents can prove quite expensive if you handle your home ownership in a reactive manner. Labor charges average roughly $100 an hour. Fortunately, our home warranty service contracts take the guesswork and stress out of these type of inevitable repair needs. We serve all of Broward county and Miami-Dade county, so we will come assist you whether you live in Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale,…