Who Handles Repairs in My Miami Condo?

One of the benefits of condo living is that the upkeep of the grounds and property exterior, such as landscaping, roof repairs, painting of common areas, and other aspects of building maintenance, are handled by Condo Management. But when it comes to the repairs inside the condo, the owner is responsible. Many condos in Miami offer community plans for condo units as a solution to this need.

Total Offers Community Service Plans

Total is the preferred service provider when it comes to appliance, plumbing, electrical, and other repairs in many hi-rise condo buildings in the Miami area.

Ask your HOA if Total is the preferred vendor in your building. The answer is likely to be yes, and you can contact us to request coverage.

So how does it work? Total offers homeowners and condo associations with uniform, single-pay service plans for the community. Homeowners receive unlimited service calls for all parts and labor repairs, and preventative maintenance on all covered equipment and systems.

An additional benefit for condo owners in the Miami area is that Total is one of the few air conditioning contractors that is properly licensed, experienced and insured to handle installing a new AC system in a hi-rise condo. When that need arises, it’s nice to rely on a company that is already familiar with your building and unit dimensions.

Benefits of a Total Community Service Plan

Having a community service plan in place at your condo is a very convenient way to deal with the inevitable repairs that come with home ownership. Here are some of benefits enjoyed by condo owners:

  • Convenient, fast service: licensed and trained technicians are available 24/7 for emergency service and respond to all other calls in a timely and professional manner
  • The familiarity of having a dedicated team, with knowledge of equipment and unit dimensions, servicing your repair needs
  • No delays with HOA approvals in place and front desk access
  • Discounted rates with no deductibles
  • Uniform coverage for the entire building; one master agreement for the community that is fully customizable
  • Unlimited service calls, with parts and labor included

Total community service plans are an economic and convenient solution for Condo Associations and condo owners alike. When you work with Total, you get peace of mind from a local, family-owned company that treats you like family.

Total has been servicing residential and commercial customers in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach since 1970. Click here to learn more about our community service plans and view our specials page to review our current offers.