Are All Home Warranty Plans Created Equal?

Your home is a big investment, maybe the largest one you will ever make. Although homeowner’s insurance will protect you from destructive events such as fires or flooding, it doesn’t protect you from more likely occurrences such as when your AC fails or your refrigerator breaks. That’s where companies like Total Appliance come in, companies that will cover your appliances, air conditioning system, electrical systems, plumbing and more in the event of a failure.

While home warranties are a stress-free, cost savings approach to home ownership, it is important to note that not all “home service contracts” are created equal!

There are several factors that should be considered when reviewing warranty companies and plans:

Company Longevity

A company’s years in business is a good indication of a companies ability to deliver services when failures occur. Total has been serving its local community in South Florida since 1970.


National home warranty companies a large presence and a well-known brand, but may not have a large repair presence in your locale. Total Appliance serves its local community with over 80 service vehicles and 100 technicians. There’s even a good chance you may have seen our “little yellow trucks” around town.

Plan Flexibility

Most companies offer one or more plans. One type might only cover appliances, while another may cover major systems such as air conditioning, electrical or plumbing. Other plans will offer a combination of both. With Total Appliance, our warranty service contracts are fully customizable maintenance plans designed to fit your needs and budget.

Plan Details and Fine Print

This is a big one! Price is probably the first thing consumers consider when evaluating appliance service plans. Coverage is typically for a period of 12 months, and monthly premiums will vary depending on coverage amounts and limits, and the service fee that is often due at the time of service. Consumers must also be aware of any exclusions that are often found in the fine print. Home owners are often caught off guard to find out certain items are not covered.

With Total Appliance, there is no fine print, no deductibles, no service call fees, and no “high use” fees. Total Appliance offers a one payment solution that covers all your needs without any hidden fees or limitations.

Customer Service, Claims, and Repair Times

Just as important as the warranty itself, is the service you can expect when repairs are needed. As anyone can imagine, repairing a 20+ year old appliance may sometimes require patience in obtaining parts, but good customer service and communication should never be compromised. An appliance warranty company should be able to boast swift appointments, clear communication of ETA’s, and quick completion times. Total Appliance has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Google for it’s excellent service.

How to Choose

Choosing a home warranty plan can be a confusing comparison of apples to oranges, so Total Appliance simplifies that process by providing one price that will give you both peace of mind and savings. Here’s what you can expect from our service contracts that sets us apart from the rest:

  • Fully customizable plans
  • Unlimited service calls, repairs, and replacements
  • Fast appointments
  • Parts and labor included
  • Never a deductible
  • No extra service call fees
  • One low annual fee
  • Low, fixed monthly fee

Contact us for more information or to sign up for a stress free Total Appliance service contract today, and check our specials we may have a great savings offer available too!