Home Warranty Plan FAQs and Tips

Home maintenance is fun… said no one ever! Among the many experiences of owning a residential property, the main negative ones that is usually mentioned by homeowners is the maintenance of the appliances, AC system, plumbing and electrical components.

There are a handful of national home warranty companies and a few local ones that assist with annual service plans to cover most items. Since 1970, Total Appliance has been the local leader for Miami-Dade and Broward counties. We think outlining some tips and answering some FAQs will shed some light on why and how we remain the #1 option in South Florida.

Are large, national companies better than the local options? When a repair is needed, national companies subcontract the work to local providers who complete the work. This results in a hit-or-miss experience depending on which subcontractor is scheduled that day.

Total Appliance never subcontracts! Our own employees and technicians arrive in Total Appliance trucks and uniforms. We get to know our customers and their specific needs and equipment.

How do I determine which home service plan is best? For first time service plan customers, often times that determination is based on what is covered and the price. Some important details to consider are deductibles, co-payments and additional parts and/or labor fees.

Total Appliance has simplified this responsibility with our no-deductible, no-copay, no additional fees annual service plans. One payment covers all issues with no fine print.

What’s covered? We wouldn’t speak for any other home service contract providers, but as for Total Appliance, our technicians will repair and replace all makes and models of central air conditioning and heating systems, refrigerators and freezers, dishwashers, stoves, ovens and ranges, garbage disposals, microwave ovens, clothes washers and dryers and water heaters. Our warranty service contracts are fully customizable to suit your home and specific needs.

We believe Total Appliance offers the best value of coverage, service and price in the home service warranty industry.

Why Should I Choose Total Appliance? We have been around since 1970. In addition to our full coverage and simple and easy to understand terms, we provide competitive pricing, we know the area, we have our own employees and trained technicians, and we stand behind our service with an excellent reputation that we’ve built one customer at a time.

How do I receive a Quote for my home? We invite you to call (954) 454-6801 or click here to receive a no obligation quote today.